Who We Are

LivLimitless is the leading personalized group coaching facility in the greater Memphis area. 

We provide a world- class training experience that delivers measurable results to clients, cultivates a strong sense of family and creates raving fans of LivLimitless 

Why LivLimitless Matters

Livlimitless was founded through personal experience of life transformation and the human desire to be better today than you were yesterday. Our mission is for you to be your best today, tomorrow, and every day thereafter.

Our lifestyle coaches guide clients to break through, to achieve sustainable fat loss, and good health for their mind, body, and soul. Together we reshape our clients lifestyle for energetic living.

We take clients back to “Square One” to reconnect them with their true and best self. We laugh, we cry, we sweat — and we do it together, as an extended family. Our success has been based on kindness, education, safety, fitness, nutrition, community, and celebration. Unlike traditional gyms, where people often feel overwhelmed, lost, or even intimidated, at LivLimitless clients are priority-one. Their win is our win.

We currently service 200 clients, and have helped thousands of clients get the results they were after. 


Justin Emmons has been an avid CrossFitter since its earliest days in 2008. After seeing the transformative effects of CrossFit in person, Justin opened CrossFit Bartlett — one of the area’s best and first CrossFit facilities — in 2009, and has been changing people’s lives ever since.  

Unlike many CrossFit coaches and trainers, Justin does not have an extensive background as a competitive athlete. What he does have is his experience as a young boy who was obese throughout most of his childhood and high school years. When Justin entered college, he made the decision to do something about his weight that was affecting his mental and physical health. During his freshmen year of college, he dropped 25 pounds and began his lifelong calling as a fitness professional and coach.  

CrossFit Bartlett was opened in 2009 and has rebranded to LivLimitless. Since it's incepton we have helped 1000's of people reach their goals. We're passionate about helping people break through their percieved limits and learn how to connect themselves not only to who they want to become but who they never thougt possible. 

We're changing and improving clients' lives every day, and it's our desire to help everyone learn how to live a life without limts. 


If you join LivLimitless, you'll be working alongside highly driven committed team members who are working to become the best version of themselves that they can be —and in turn, want to pay it forward and help others do the same.

Our staff at LivLimitless regularly say that working here not only makes them happy, but they feel like working here makes them a better person. Helping people change their lives is an enormous privilege we are a group of dedicated professionals focused on excellence to help every one of our clients achieve their goals. 


At LivLimitless, we work hard, have fun, and make life change a reality.

One of our core values here at LivLimitless is lead with love, and we strive to do this in all our interactions both in leadership to staff and staff to clientele. 

We are focused on the greater good of our clients, creating an environement of celebration and inclusion for them to achieve their goals, and for you as a team member to achieve yours.  


1. Lead with love

  • Our goal here is for everyone to feel celebrated, included and loved in every interaction we have.
  • Our members tell us that this is the only place they've ever felt not intimidated.
  • We strive hard to be without judgement, practice empathy, and create an enviroment of trust and success. 

2. Live by:, "When you win, I win."

  • We have dedicated our lives to creating successes in other people.
  • Every person in our community is here to create an environment where people feel wins and feel accomplished. We want you to feel like you're part of a winning team. 

3. Always give perfect effort

  • Many times we get hung up on the idea of perfection and sometimes that can become paralyzing. We strive here for everyone to give their best effort always.
  • You can't do better than your best, so we always give our best.

4. Show grace and humility

  • We always accompany our interactions with giving people grace. It doesn't mean we don't hold people accountable, but we do give someone the benefit of the doubt.
  • The fitness industry is littered with hubris and arrogance. We've helped 1,000's reach their goals, but we remain humble in our interactions with clientele.
  • Always put clients needs ahead of our own. 

5. Practice gratitude 

  • We are grateful for every opportunity we have to help anyone achieve their goals.
  • We change lives daily, and never lose sight of the amazing privelege we have to be a part of that journey.

6. Fight for the last 10%

  • Every day, we give 80%, 90% but we typically hold back the last 10%. Our goal here is to give that full 100% in everything that we do. This goes for communication, education, coaching, training..... everything. 

Awesome Job Perks? You got it!

We love keeping our employees happy and healthy. In addition to meaningful projects, career development opportunities, and a supportive team, you'll find amazing benefits and perks that make working here at LivLimitless even better.

Including: Medical, Vision, Dental opportunies, as well as paid time off and vacation days for our full time employees.

Not to mention the opportunity to workout, be healthy, and train with some of the best in the business.

Administrative Assistant/ Receptionist Position Available 

If you have enthusiasm, a positive attitude, and a few basic skills, I have a 24k - 27k a year fun and fulifilling job just for you!

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